Running Hot

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Running Hot

Post by rickneast »

Got a new to me 1993 Goldwing 1500SE a year ago. Been running fine. I had a temperature issue the other day. Went for ride for bout 3 hours, at one point got caught in stop n go traffic for bout 30 minutes. Started smelling slight order of antifreeze. Looked at temp gauge was warmer than normal, was reading right of center. Was half way between center and hot. Smelled the antifreeze for maybe 10 minutes. Once we began moving, it would cool down to left of center on gauge. When stopped, it would begin to move to right of center, until moving then back to center. Did not smell antifreeze anymore. Got home checked reservoir, showed nothing in it. Couple days later got silicant free coolant filled reservoir 3/4 full. Ran it for 20 minutes at idle to bring up to running temp, both fans cut on when temp was at center of gauge. Went for 30 minute ride. Turned off checked reservoir was empty, did not smell any antifreeze was at normal temp on gauge. Could not locate any leaks. Any suggestions?

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Re: Running Hot

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It is normal for the temp gauge to go higher than normal driving temp before the fans kick in to cool things off. Keep an eye on the antifreeze leak situation and realize that a radiator cap that doesn't seal properly can cause just what you are describing.
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Re: Running Hot

Post by DenverWinger »

On a hot day in stop/go traffic I can see temp gauge go as far as 3/4 scale. Never hotter than that, but certainly above "normal"
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Re: Running Hot

Post by Rambozo »

If it was really low, it might take a couple of fillings of the reserve tank, to bring the cooling system up to full. As it cools off it sucks the fluid from the reserve, so check it after it has cooled down. If it keeps losing coolant, it is either an external leak or an internal one. Check the oil and the exhaust for coolant. For hard to find external leaks, a pressure tester can be a big help.

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