Voltage drops

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Voltage drops

Post by Greenwinger »

Hey all was out on my bike Sunday and I noticed that when the RPM went above aprox 2700 the voltage on my volt meter would start to drop down to about 12.5 V ish When running about 2000 RPM or at idle it would go back up to 13.6V ish I'm thinking my alternator is having a hissy fit. Any alternate ideas would be appreciated.

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Re: Voltage drops

Post by gford »

It might be your battery getting old, Goldwings require a lot of power to run and your battery might be able to accept the higher voltage at idle but at high rpms requires more power then the battery can handle.

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Re: Voltage drops

Post by Earl43P »

I think your alternator brushes are worn out and are "floating" over the commutator contacts at higher rpm. You should clean those contacts if you replace the brushes.
I replaced mine and if you can solder, you can replace yours!

https://www.ebay.com/itm/192779367728?h ... SwWlVcLmW0 brushes are Part Number 31101-MN5-005 and you need 2 each (one pair).

Be careful opening the starter and rotate the cap to guide the windings as it exposes the brushes assembly. I also measured the old brushes pigtails and made the new pigtails 1/4" longer.
My brushes were worn into the spacer pinhole and if the pigtail had been longer, they would still be operating. Lengthening the pigtail will increase the life of the new ones.
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