Cruise Control

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Cruise Control

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I have a 1996 Honda Goldwing GL1500SE. When I set my cruise control at speed lets say 60mph. My speed will drop to about 55 before the cruise will take over. I can bring the speed up to 60 by using the acc. button. This just started about a month ago, was working fine before. This will happen at any speed I try. Anyone have an idea on what the cause is and how to fix it? Thank you in advance.

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Re: Cruise Control

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There are a few threads already on this subject. I would start with this one listed in the How-To Articles tab above:

2015 Goldwing, basic black

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Re: Cruise Control

Post by joeincalif »

this is common on the Gold wings,more so on the 1800. If you do not want to adjust the cable then after you push the SET button push the acc button for a few seconds
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Re: Cruise Control

Post by DenverWinger »

A couple years ago I did the adjustment on my CC Actuator due to significant lag in the cruise taking hold when set. I didn't read the referenced thread above to know which method was described, but the method I used was to "With engine idling, tighten the Cruise Actuator cable slack adjustment until idle speed begins to rise, then back off the adjustment one turn".

I had to turn the adjuster a good many turns, there was a lot of slack in the cable. That got rid of the cruise control lag, but on my cross-country trip this summer I noticed the CC operation didn't seem to be quite as "Precise" as it was before I did the adjustment. I don't generally use the cruise around town.

Thinking next time I'm in there I may back the adjuster off a few more turns. This will add a little bit of lag back to initial Cruise Set but nowhere near what it was to begin with, will see if it feels more "Precise" next time I'm on a long trip.

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