strange behavior of starter motor

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strange behavior of starter motor

Post by Rhorn »

Hi all, I'm from south France and drive a 1993 GL1500. I had once a strange behavior. surely one of the numerous relays.
After driving without problem an hour or so, I stopped the bike normally. As the ground was not flat where I was stopped, and the 1st gear engaged, I Clutched, switch the key on and start the engine to move the bike elsewhere with flat ground. All this normal.

When I stopped on a flat ground, I switched off with the key which killed the engine and (that is the problem) started the starter motor. with the key off the engine did not fire. I turned the key to "on" again which fires the engine. I dit that several times, no way to stop the engine either turning on idle normally with key on , or turning on the starter motor when key off. I tried to press the starter button when the engine on idle and heard the starter motor run.
I finally, with key on, and engine running on idle, engaged the 1st gear and got the side stand out which finally killed the engine.

This did not happened again but surely it will.
Any idea someone ?
thanks to all
Jacques (Rhorn) from Marseilles

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Re: strange behavior of starter motor

Post by gford »

sounds like starter relay A might be sticking. Easy to replace if thats what it is. Relay A is just forward of the battery. If it happens again tap on the relay with a screwdriver and it should stop.
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Re: strange behavior of starter motor

Post by 68c15 »

The side stand light didn’t come on until you put trans in gear?
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