Verify carb sync procedure please.

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Quick Cal
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Verify carb sync procedure please.

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This is on my 89 1500. I just want to verify that I'm going to sync my carbs correctly.

I watched a video of a guy do it on his 88. But I think he might be hooking it up wrong. Not sure if it matters or not. Maybe all the lines go the same place and it really doesn't matter. But he is not hooking it up like my 89 manual says. And I'll trust it over what he says. Unless of course he knows a better way.

So here's his video. Notice how he hooks up the right side.It's not like the manual says. The manual says to go higher up, not like he or the manual shows for the left side.

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So here's what the manual shows.

And here it is on my bike.

Another strange thing I noticed. In the pic from the manual you can see the gauges hooked up. I have a similar 4 gauge set up. They have the far left gauge hooked up to the right side of the bike. I know you can only adjust the right carb. It will be obvious which carb you are adjusting. But is the pic wrong or does the right side vacuum go to the left carb?

Thanks for any input.

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Re: Verify carb sync procedure please.

Post by terryt »

I would do it as the manual shows.
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Re: Verify carb sync procedure please.

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You connect the gauges just like the manual shows. It does not matter which gauge you connect to what side. The gauge does not know which side it is connected to. All you need to do is adjust the sync until both gauges read the same or as close as you can get them.
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