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1500 throttle cable. No more adjustment?

Posted: Sun Nov 07, 2021 10:33 am
by Quick Cal
This is on my 89.

So I've been working on/riding this thing for roughly a month. The throttle always seemed stiff and I had to manually return it the last little bit. But turns out it was sticking much worse than I realized. My friend started the bike the other day and revved it up and let go of the throttle. It was revving to the moon. I thought it was something he did. But I guess I must have just never checked it with it not running, and just seeing if it snapped closed. I think I have a natural tendency to return it manually because of all the old bike I've road. Who knows.

So I thought I either need to lube the cables or needed new ones. It was sticking pretty bad. I backed the adjuster all the way off the cable so I could lube it. I really can't remember if I even gave it any lube yet, or it just freed' up instantly. But it is now working. But I think it was bound up some how and just taking it apart released it? I did take the clam shell apart to inspect the cable ends. There was no fraying.

Now I have an excessive amount of free play in the twist grip. I've adjusted it from one end of the adjuster to the other. It seems like it changes nothing.

Ive read the 89 is different than newer models in the way the cable runs. I think this goes to the cruise accurate first? Can I get any adjustment there that will help with free play? Or does this area only adjust the cruise part? Don't know if it's related or not. But it takes anywhere from 15-25 seconds for my cruise on light to light up after I press the button. But once it lights up I can press set and it's instantly set. No lag.

So you guys got any ideas? Thanks

Re: 1500 throttle cable. No more adjustment?

Posted: Tue Nov 09, 2021 11:00 am
by WingAdmin
If the cables are too tight, then yes, you can get binding that the throttle return spring can't overcome. You said you loosened the adjuster and it freed it up - but now tightening the same adjuster has no effect, and you have excessive play you can't get rid of?

It's also possible that one of the two cables might be broken - if you have the throttle twist grip open, try pulling on each cable to see if you can pull it out of the sheath without the other one moving.