Issue with my 96 Honda Goldwing

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Issue with my 96 Honda Goldwing

Post by Jackcreek »

I have a 96 Honda Goldwing Aspencade The bike only has 17,000 miles on it. It started having a problem about 2 years ago where it would start running rough and then die after driving 30-50 miles. It will start if you let it sit for 5-10 min but then you can only go 2-5 miles and it will do it again. Took it to the Honda dealer and they had it for a month. Could not find the problem and said it if it happened again it was the ECU. I bought a used ECU on Ebay and installed it and it does the same thing, so it obviously not that. Seems to be fuel related and seems it would maybe then be the petcock or the fuel pump. Does anyone have any ideas. Bike has been down for about a year now.

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Re: Issue with my 96 Honda Goldwing

Post by Rambozo »

Fuel pump or petcock is a good place to start. I would think a dealer would find that, but these days maybe not. Not a bad idea to take apart the petcock and rebuild it as modern fuels seem to degrade them.
What I would do is tap in a fuel pressure gauge so that I could check that when it happens again. Also a test light connected in parallel with the fuel pump will let you know if there is a power problem.
Testing the fuel pump for pressure and volume per the service manual would be a good idea, but if it is an intermittent problem you can bet it will never show up when testing. ;)
If you use a car battery or power supply you could test the fuel pump for an extended period to see if it goes away once you have the equivalent of the 30-50 miles.
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Re: Issue with my 96 Honda Goldwing

Post by terryt »

Change your fuel pump. I had the same with mine tested the pump and fuel pressure all ok but when it get warm the impeller in the pump was slipping. if you have a external pump fit that and see it the problem goes
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Re: Issue with my 96 Honda Goldwing

Post by WingAdmin »

If you remove your gas cap, does it solve the problem immediately?
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Re: Issue with my 96 Honda Goldwing

Post by dingdong »

Before you go spending a bunch of money next time you ride it loosen the fuel cap and see if the problem still occurs. The vented cap can get clogged up and cause the exact symptoms.

Edit: Oops! Admin beat me to this suggestion.

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