GL1500 strip down to Rat Rod

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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GL1500 strip down to Rat Rod

Post by duckster »

I have a 1988 1500 just sitting around in the way. I would like to do a rat rod type build, so I think i would want to strip every wire off of it and start over. Anybody here stripped one and started over? I don't need anything electrical to work except a fuel pump, starter, and ignition. Can anyone offer suggestions, other than forget it?

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Re: GL1500 strip down to Rat Rod

Post by Rambozo »

So no lights? No charging system? Is this just going to be a display bike?
I would just make a list of the things you want to keep, things you want to replace, then draw a new wiring diagram based on that, and the stock diagram.
Salvage the plugs you need and figure out where you can route wires. With minimal devices, starting from scratch is probably the easier and better way, than trying to work with the stock wiring harness.
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Re: GL1500 strip down to Rat Rod

Post by joecoolsuncle »

i would save the stock harness. keep it unmolested and build a harness. you will decide at some point to abandon the plan (it always happens) and go a different route. you will apreciate all those stock parts you will not have to buy because you stored them in a barn in case you ever decided to turn it back into a motorcycle!
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Re: GL1500 strip down to Rat Rod

Post by Sassy »

I agree with saving the harness. More as a reference item though.
You could use thd stock harness and modify it eliminating the bulky connectors and unnecessary wire negating the need to buy stuff. I did this on my hotrod when I installed a late model powertrain.

The wide engine will make lowering the seat much a problem.
A more crotch rocket or lay down dragster riding position would be better suited to the engine.
Have you thought about sidecar racer look,,? maybe without the sidecar!
Good luck on your build please post progress!

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