GL1500 One Accelerator Pump Nozzle Won't Squirt

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GL1500 One Accelerator Pump Nozzle Won't Squirt

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum and this seems to be the best place to try to find info on old Wings. I recently pulled the carbs out of my '88 GL1500 so I could clean them up and inspect/replace damaged or missing vacuum lines. I had a ton of dead spots and lag when accelerating and frankly the bike was becoming too scary/undependable to ride. the cabs didn't look too terrible so I separated them and did a thorough dip and cleaning to them. I blew carb cleaner through all the passages and followed that up with compressed air. Everything seemed A-okay so I put everything back together and replaced the damaged vacuum lines. Before putting the air box and tupperware back on I wanted to start the bike and check for leaks. I tried to prime the carbs by manually manipulating the accelerator pump. the nozzle on the left carb squirted gas like it should but the nozzle on the right didn't do anything. I'm at a loss for what to do about this. I did get the bike started but this isn't ideal at all. I might be missing something but it doesn't look like carb rebuild kits come with replacement nozzles for these and from looking at it now, I can't tell how one would go about replacing them. Can they be replaced? Can it be done with the carbs still on the bike? This is literally the first time I've ever attempted something like this. Carbs are like science and magic all rolled into one and my simple mind doesn't grasp how they work. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated by this noob.

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Re: GL1500 One Accelerator Pump Nozzle Won't Squirt

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Read through this thread about how someone was able to open up some stopped up accelerator pump tubes. Seems like this might work if it is just some gunk from gas setting in there too long. I don't know if you could get them open without pulling the carbs again but it would be worth a try. That would be easier than having to remove the carbs again. Anyway, that should get them open without having to buy any more parts.

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