GL 1500 Instrument panel

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Kevin Ball
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GL 1500 Instrument panel

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I have a problem with my bike, a 1999 1500SE, suddenly, the dash lights didn't carry out their start up check, the LCD screen was blank although the radio worked and changed channels, the compressor wouldn't work. My mechanic, after checking the relay, narrowed it down to the printed circuit board in the dash losing it's earth, which in the UK costs £1150 which is over $1500 I purchased another dash from Germany which brought up different dash probkems, the high beam warning light is on when the lights are dipped, the indicator lights are constanty lit plus the dash warning lights and the compressor don't work, but the LCD screen appears to work. The only difference I can see between the two dashboards is that the original has the letter A stamped in red on the back and the replacement has the letter G. Can anyone help and advise whether they are wired differently or do I need to buy another dash for £300 ($402), hope someone can help.

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Re: GL 1500 Instrument panel

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You said that the compressor won't work, is that the air pump won't work or the dash display won't show? Realize that wiring ground faults are a lot more common than displays that go kaput and they can cause some really unusual symptoms.
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