Need suggestions for a quality alternator.

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Need suggestions for a quality alternator.

Post by FluffyDog6 »

Can someone suggest an alternator for a 1996 1500se that won't fail in a few months?

I don't have any extra lights, so high-output isn't a necessity, but the reviews I see for various units all seem to list failure as a frequent feature of aftermarket units.

The OEM unit is still working fine, but I'm looking to the future.

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Re: Need suggestions for a quality alternator.

Post by DenverWinger »

Beginning in 1997 the OEM alternators came from China instead of Japanese Hitachi, those post 1996 are junk.

If your 1996 OEM unit goes out, it will likely need a new set of brushes and not much more. Any competent local automotive starter/alternator shop can repair it with off-the-shelf parts.
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Re: Need suggestions for a quality alternator.

Post by offcenter »

I've had two of the chinese ones fail.
In both cases, the oil seal on the shaft leaked motor oil into the alternator, which killed them.
I finally found an original Hitachi Honda alternator which I installed a year ago.
I'm holding my breath....
George in Jersey.
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Re: Need suggestions for a quality alternator.

Post by Solo So Long »

Call starter/alternator repair shops to see if anyone has an older (pre-1996) one available. It's a long shot, but you never know.
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Re: Need suggestions for a quality alternator.

Post by gford »

In my area you can't find any shops that will work on alternators, its all replacement and junk the broken one. The most they will do is bench test to see if it is charging which you already know because that is why you are the shop.

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