It reverses one inch at a time!

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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It reverses one inch at a time!

Post by FluffyDog6 »

Is there a common fault before delving into the gazillion page troubleshooting sequence I should look at with the following symptoms:

1. No reverse light. Doesn't come on when key turned on, I assume lightbulb is dead.
2. Engine running, neutral, lift reverse lever, hit starter button -- bike goes back one inch and stops.
3. Hit starter button again, bike goes another inch. Rinse and repeat as long as you would like to.

Wheel is locked when lever is up, so I think it starter motor is engaged.
It almost seems like an overload sensor is kicking in or something?
Maybe try it on the centerstand and see if it goes longer under no load?
Maybe try reving the engine for more juice?

Maybe say "screw it" and go back to boating? :lol:

1996 GL1500 A
1996 GL1500 SE
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Re: It reverses one inch at a time!

Post by mlkmn89 »

I found this on another Goldwing forum, Hope it helps. This is for a 1996 honda goldwing 1500 aspencade. I received this message from Dave Bohrer:

DBohrer said:

Remove the seat. At the left rear corner area, check the 4-pin Red connector for the Starter Relay Regulator. You may find that connector partly disconnected or completely disconnected. If there is a problem with that connector, it will cause the exact same problems you are having.

A white connector plugs into the 4-pin Red connector.

You will see the following four colored wires.

1. Green.
2. Light blue.
3. White/blue.
4. Brown/red.

I know of two cases where there was a reverse issue exactly like you have and that connector was the problem.

Let us know what you find...

Knowledge is power and after receiving that message from Dave, I feel like Superman! He was right on the money. The red 4-pin c35 connecter was not connected. Once I plugged it in, reverse worked like a charm. I cannot thank Dave enough for all the help he his provided to me over the past 30 days on various issues. Dave has a keen gift of being able to explain things step by step in a way that even the most novice of Goldwing mechanics can understand. His methods of explaining things are easier to understand than any service manual I have ever read. He's brilliant! Dave has saved me a lot of time and grief. If we should ever cross paths one day, I am buying him a big juicy steak dinner!!! Dave, you ARE the man!!!!
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