Advice on which way to go.

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Advice on which way to go.

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Howdy everybody! I'm new to Goldwing's (came from a Harley), I just inherited a 93 SE GL 1500 that was in pieces. I lapsed the valves in the heads, put new gaskets, changed spark plugs, and new vacuum lines everywhere I could see. I bought a carb rebuilt kit and put new jets and cleaned all the parts, rebuilt the accelerator pump, cleaned the K & N air filter. To finish it off, I added an "almost" whole can of Seafoam to the gas can. The only issue I'm still having is it seems to be idling rich. I have never had to use the choke to start it, but it always starts after holding the start button only for a second. If I give it choke (cold or other) it will kill the motor. I have the pilot screw turned out 7 turns (as much as I felt safe), and it helped slightly. On my last tank I got 24.42 MPG city. Takes off like a beast, and other then seemingly running rich, runs fine.

In saying all of that, I did set the float per the user manual, but what would my next step be to get it to run leaner? In everyone's opinion, should I lower the float height, or try and get smaller idler jets, or just leave it as is?

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Re: Advice on which way to go.

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your jets are probably wrong. hope you didnt get rid of the oem jets. cheapnese kits really suck and never work. and never ever lap honda valves.
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