Fuel Leak

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Fuel Leak

Post by BIGBopper1956 »

I have had an off and on gas smell which has now turned to an interesting problem. Would occasionally see gas in the plastic tray surrounding the cap. Am preparing the bike for a long ride and thought I would tackle it. Parked bike in the Garage 2 days ago. Temperature has been about 80-85 past 2 days. Garage doors closed keeps it cooler inside. Bike on center stand. Fuel tank about 1/3 full. Fuel is dripping out steadily from what appears to be the inlet hose. Took the hose off to inspect. Fuel dribbling out the hose at a slow but steady pace. Took filter off and still bubbling out the lead hose. Obviously pressure is pushing the fuel. Took red hose off, blew into hose with very little resistance found. Removed the cap, and was very surprised at the volume of pressure expended. Obviously the pressure is not bleeding off the tank. Question, Just replace the cap, or try cleaning it? Don't think fuel was coming out the petcock cause fuel was everywhere down the left side of the tray, outside the containment area. Believe the fuel was leaking around the inlet hose connection the the petcock.

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Re: Fuel Leak

Post by MikeB »

I'd suggest soaking the cap in a fuel system cleaner like Seafoam or Gumout. I've heard of people that will drill a hole in the fuel cap too but I am not about to recommend it. I believe there is a check valve in the cap that allows air to be ingested as well as expelled. It can get clogged.
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