Buying relays at auto supply store

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Buying relays at auto supply store

Post by Roughridercog »

I'm positive I've seen a thread where someone needed relays for their 1500 and the used some purchased at an Auto Zone or another parts store.
Can someone tell me, can this he done? Or perhaps link to the thread?

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Re: Buying relays at auto supply store

Post by Rambozo »

Most auto parts ones are cheap junk, good enough to get you home but why not just get the good ones from right here? Scott has sourced a great replacement ratted to double the original that is no longer available anyway.
/Store/Goldwing ... MS-H30.asp
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Re: Buying relays at auto supply store

Post by WingAdmin »

You aren't going to find the specialized GL1500 relays in any auto store. You will find the standard "automotive relay" used in cars since the 70's, but that's not going to plug into your bike.
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Re: Buying relays at auto supply store

Post by Mh434 »

WingAdmin is probably about the ONLY place where you'll find suitable replacements - he has them, for a lot less $$ than you could get them elsewhere (IF you could find them, that is!), and they're quality items. He's the golden goose of GL1500 relays!!

As for auto parts stores, the GL1500 relays are "species-specific", and haven't been used in cars or trucks, so you won't find them there.
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Re: Buying relays at auto supply store

Post by Solo So Long »

Gonna agree, buy the ones here. At this price, get an extra to carry with you.

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