Reverse works sometimes

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Reverse works sometimes

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Hi , I need help fixing the reverse on my 1999 GL1500 SE with 120,000 miles on it, I've had this bike since 2005, most of the time when I pull up on the reverse lever the R dosen't light up and the bike dose nothing, then some times it will work and I've been dealing with this for over a year, we lost our goldwing specialist Don Allen of wing nut since he moved out of state. I have replaced the little switch that's next to the reverse lever, cheched the relay that's under the seat, checked the two 5 amp fuses under the relay box, replaced the neutral switch that screws into the right side on the gearbox, tried adjusting the cables but the alignment pointer is where it's supposed to be when the lever is pulled up and when I have removed the neutral switch I can see the metal piece swing over where it would make contact with the neutral switch, also someone on this site had suggested that the metal pin that's attached to the reverse lever needs to be bent a little to make sure it's rotating the reverse mechanism all the way but that didn't help, Please help me . Since I have had trouble getting through some of the apps on this site I want to give out my email address so I hope that's ok with Scott.

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Re: Reverse works sometimes

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First step would be to follow the adjustment procedure and check that the switches are actually being actuated using a meter. You may also need to trace back through the wiring, cleaning the connectors along the way.
This is mostly about the cruise control, but it does cover a bit of the reverse system.

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