iddle problem on 1500

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iddle problem on 1500

Post by Nlmman47 »

i was having a problem with the bike when cold would only run if i used the the choke. and when it was ruining on idle with chock of it would surge ever so often. i saw a video on how to stop that and it works. but it is bypassing the problem. is it a vacuum leak and if so what do you think it is. i would like to take the tooth picks out of the carburetors.

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Re: iddle problem on 1500

Post by LeYak »

Yeah, those toothpicks should probably not be the solution you want to end up with.

When I got my Wing, it couldn't even run without full choke (even when warm) and had surging idle as well. In my case, the surging idle was likely caused by a vacuum leak or very dirty carbs. The 90° bended tube below the carbs is an oft-cited culprit. You can try and check by spraying some starter fluid or brake cleaner under the rubber mat under the carbs and see if the revs shoot up.
I've also read that it might just have to do with your idle set screw (the one next to your gas filler cap) that needs some resetting.

Has it been standing still for a while before showing these symptoms btw? Because then it might be gummed up carb parts.
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Re: iddle problem on 1500

Post by RockportDave »

I found the surging at idle was a vacuum leak. I tore mine down to the carbs and checked every vacuum hose. The #1 hose was the culprit. It had a large hole in the preformed curve. I replaced it with a longer hose.

It’s almost impossible to get to the vacuum lines without tearing the bike down to the carbs. They are under the intake.
While I had it torn down, I checked every vacuum hose (there are many) and replaced the rubber heat shield. Mine was rotten.

I also removed the carbs, soaked them in carb dip and replaced all internal jets and any removable parts.
That was 4 years ago and I haven’t had any running or idling issues since.
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