Anyone ever spray WD40 in the key

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Anyone ever spray WD40 in the key

Post by samwing1500 »

Just wondering if anyone ever sprays a drop or two of WD40 in the ignition key slot?
Just as a maintenance thing.

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Re: Anyone ever spray WD40 in the key

Post by WingsandThings »

I'm sure somebody has done it,, but I wouldn't.
WD40 will work short term but will seize the tumblers up unless you use a lubricant after, preferably something not too gunky.
I use a product called "dry film".
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Re: Anyone ever spray WD40 in the key

Post by WingAdmin »

No no no no!!! NEVER use WD-40 in your key lock!!

WD-40 leaves behind an oily film intended to prevent corrosion - but it is sticky, and in locks, it will gum up the pins and attract dirt and grit. Basically, WD-40 is a really good way to ruin a lock.

The best thing to use is dry graphite lubricant spray, which also has a carrier that completely evaporates. It leaves behind a dry graphite lubricant that is excellent for locks.

If it's really dirty, you can use something like a plastic-safe brake cleaner first to flush it out (it is a solvent that completely evaporates, leaving nothing behind). When dry, follow it up with the dry graphite lubricant spray.
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Re: Anyone ever spray WD40 in the key

Post by zlittle16 »

WD-40 will crystalize over time and lock up. Use Lock Ease instead. Lubricant and graphite.

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