GL1500 Brake Modification

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GL1500 Brake Modification

Post by Goldwinger98 »

I would be interested if anyone has ever modified the front braking system on a GL1500. By this, I mean isolating the left front caliper from the rear brake pedal/master cylinder, as it now stands. I have owned this motorcycle since new and braking is nominal at best, even after installing new brake pads and brake fluid. Considering the weight of this machine, my thoughts are that braking might be improved by allowing both front calipers to be controlled by the front brake lever/master cylinder only. This could be easily accomplished by simply adding a 3-way "splitter" up front. Previously, I owned a 1983 CB1000 Honda motorcyle with both front brakes controlled by the front brake lever only.
Braking was substantially better! What are your thoughts?

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Andy Cote
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Re: GL1500 Brake Modification

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Welcome to the forum.

There were a couple recent threads on this very subject.
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Re: GL1500 Brake Modification

Post by reddeth »

I'm curious about this as well and went searching for some threads, here's a good one with quite a few responses: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=66214&p=387295
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Re: GL1500 Brake Modification

Post by Rambozo »

I had the same issue also coming from sport bikes where I was used to a great front brake. While these bikes are tanks and will never be doing stoppies, the brakes do the job as long as you always use both brakes. I rarely used the rear brake on my sport bikes, but have had to change that with the GoldWing. Someday I may still split the brakes, just for the control, but it is no longer at the top of my list of things to do.
To do a good job I imagine A new front master cylinder would be in order. The rear could probably be reused, unless it is too touchy with only one caliper.
Mike D 1990 Goldwing
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Re: GL1500 Brake Modification

Post by Mike D 1990 Goldwing »

I've been wondering about this too. I was thinking it would be as simple as removing the Y pipe from the rear master cylinder to the front caliper and adding a Y pipe to the front. I didn't think about the calipers on the front being different sizes. As others have mentioned I don't like the average braking in the front just to have the back do double duty. I think it started when there were some riders going from the custom Harleys with little or no front brake getting on the Goldwing and trying to stop it with just the back brake and that doesn't work, just a lot of tire wear from locking up the back wheel. At the time I thought it was to make it idiot proof.

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