Voltage to Coils from ECU

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Voltage to Coils from ECU

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I have a 1990 GL1500SE. I have no spark to 2 of the 3 coils. In testing, I confirmed all ECU tests to be positive (Ohms, Voltage, Continuity etc.). I have continuity from the ECU connector to the white connector to the coils for all 3 banks. But when I test voltage with the key on from the ECU (which I have tried 2 different ECUs with the same result), the YEL/RED shows battery voltage, but the YEL/BLU and YEL/WHT show no voltage at all to the white connector taking away the spark from 4 cylinders. With continuity good and pin 26 on the ECM showing battery voltage, what could possibly be the reason I am getting no voltage to 2 of the 3 coil packs?

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Re: Voltage to Coils from ECU

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Try disconnecting the C54 white connector and measure resistance from the side that goes to the coils. Put one lead on the blk/wht pin and the other lead on the other three in turn. You should see a low resistance on each one (just a few ohms). That will check the coils for continuity through the primary windings and also the wires from the connector. From what you describe, it sounds like you have some bad pins in that connector or two coils with the primary windings open (not likely have two bad).
Let us know how you make out.
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