Low Fuel light

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Low Fuel light

Post by Nlmman47 »

my low fuel light does not come on when it get below e on the gauge. it comes on when i first turn it on, so bulb works. i not sure if my fuel gauge is wrong or the low fuel sensor is not right. i also know that it reaches e . then i fill up and put about 4.5 gals in and its a 6 gal. tank correct. so is that right? by the way it a 93 gl 1500. any comments will be helpful

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Re: Low Fuel light

Post by Rambozo »

The fuel gauges on most 1500s are pretty far off on the low end. You can find topics on bending the rod to get it to read better. Most likely you have just not gone far enough to get the light to come on. It is typically right about at the one gallon left point. And because of the thermistor design, at first it will come on dim, then get brighter, over several minutes. This effect is really only visible at night. Also this makes it so if you shut off the bike with it low on fuel, when turned back on, it will also take a few minutes for the light to return.

The tank is 6.3 gallons.
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Re: Low Fuel light

Post by blupupher »

My light starts to dimly glow when I have less than a gallon left, and can still only barely see it in moderate daylight when I have less than 3/4 gallons left.
Most I have ever filled up is with 5.5 gallons.
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Re: Low Fuel light

Post by joeincalif »

If the bulb comes on with the key you know the bulb is good. but if you only take 4.5 gallons on fill up you not low enough for the reserve light to come on. run it about another 50 miles and see if it comes on. If not you might have a bad thermistor in the sending unit
This is the low fuel thermistor part no. The dealer will try to sell you the whole pump assy, if you go in and ask for the low fuel fix.
37810 - MB4 - 008 from a v65 Magna is supposed to work, also. I think they're the same thing.
Try this page for a guide, but it's more aimed at pump replacement.

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