New Battery/alternator - still no start

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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New Battery/alternator - still no start

Post by MarcSmith48 »

I inherited at '96 Goldwing GL1500 trike which I'm told is not a factory trike but a bike converted to a trike. It was DOA on arrival. Replaced the battery and it started right up but died after a short ride. Replaced the alternator and it started about 5 times and rode for about 15 miles. Went to start it today and the battery is clearly depleted again. Noticing this switch near the alternator which has been in the OFF position pre/post replacements. Anyone know what it is or any advice broadly on this issue? I'm not a mechanic and finding one in my area is proving tricky.

Thank you for your time.

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Re: New Battery/alternator - still no start

Post by Charlie1Horse »

That's obviously a previous owner installed switch and the only way to know what it controls is if you can turn it on/off and see/hear some accessory work. Other than that, is to trace where the wires are routed and to what. It is possible that it is to disable the bike, as some sort of anti theft device. As for the bike quitting, try working the kill switch a few times and spray electronic cleaner into it. That could be the cause. Check the wire connections under the switch to be sure they have not gotten loose and have a bad connection. Let us know what you find when you get it fixed.
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Re: New Battery/alternator - still no start

Post by Andy Cote »

Welcome to the forum. Where are you from?

Yes, all Goldwing trikes are conversions. There are several companies that sold these kits and many more that accomplished the installations. Of course, there are a few homemade conversions as well. If you post a couple images, we may be able to identify which kit you have.

Clearly a switch added by a previous owner. Interesting that it is hidden behind the side cover. You're just going to need to hand trace the wiring back in each direction.

When you say it won't start, could you please be more specific? Does it turn over fast and tries to run? Does it turn over fast with no attempt to rum? Does it turn over slowly? Does it not turn over at all? What brand battery did you use? Was it fully trickle charged before installation?

As Charlie1Horse has said, switches and connections can be adversely affected by sitting. On the GL1500 there is the thumb kill switch, ignition switch, neutral switch, clutch disengaged switch, tip-over switch, kickstand switch that all affect start and run circuits (may have missed one). Also, the GL1500 requires full battery voltage and very clean connections to start.
2015 Goldwing, basic black

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Re: New Battery/alternator - still no start

Post by Rambozo »

Wire nuts are always a bad sign. You probably have some electrical cleanup to do.
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Re: New Battery/alternator - still no start

Post by WingAdmin »

Rambozo wrote: Thu Nov 10, 2022 12:20 pm Wire nuts are always a bad sign. You probably have some electrical cleanup to do.
I agree. If I bought a bike and saw that it had wire nuts used in its wiring, I would be planning on ripping out every piece of that aftermarket wiring. It's what I ended up doing when I got my GL1500.

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