Cruise Control

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Cruise Control

Post by buyuh »

I have a 98 GL 1500 Aspencade.
The cruise control works very well.
If I hit the brakes and have to cancel the trip, it won't "Continue" when I want to reset.
The same button is used to reduce cruise speed, and it does this well.
Any ideas on where to look or what to do?
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Andy Cote
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Re: Cruise Control

Post by Andy Cote »

Welcome to the forum.

There are two things that may be an issue. Try pushing forward on the brake and clutch levers before resuming CRUISE. The lever bushings get worn causing inconsistent contact with the switches. You should replace the brass bushings when you can.

Also, the cable between the cruise control actuator and the carburetors gets stretched and out of adjustment. This creates slack and lag in the system. There is a How-To article about describing how to correct this.
2015 Goldwing, basic black

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Re: Cruise Control

Post by bbrackett »

on my 1988, I replaced all 4 switches, 2 on each side, 1 just due to age, 2.. because the nubs were worn
on the left, my Start/Clutch switch wasn't working because the connector was broken and barely making contact.
on the right, my for my cruise, one of the connectors was loose on the terminal, came off easy.

also.. if you move the lever slowly, you'll notice one switch actuates before the other
currently it's my cruise switch, but I'm going to switch the wires so the Brake lights come on first.
and I might clue a peice of plastic to the lever to push in a bit further, or file down the stop to make sure switches are fully depressed

with out my Wind Guards for my levers and hands, doing 80, even 70 pushes enough air on the levers to disable the Cruise
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