I HATE PolyCarbonate Motorcycle Windshields

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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I HATE PolyCarbonate Motorcycle Windshields

Post by bbrackett »

I HATE PolyCarbonate Motorcycle Windshields

Ya don't even have to LOOK at them and they scratch :-(

I have Stigatism, it's bad enough when I need to ride at night, my glasses aren't clean, looking through even a mildly hazy NewISH Windshield
and.. add to that I have my visor down to help keep the COLD air off my eye's and face..

What is a motorcycle rider to do.. that likes hiding behind a windshield when its 32F out ??

Help us GoldWingDOCS !!! you're my only HOPE !!

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Re: I HATE PolyCarbonate Motorcycle Windshields

Post by MikeB »

Honestly, I do not know how to tell the difference between a polycarbonate and an acrylic windshield.

The OEM windshield don't seem to scratch easily. Tulsa Windshields don't seem to scratch easily and Slipstreamer windshields do not seem to scratch easily.

I have used all three and regularly clean them with 210 polish, Honda Polish and Original Bike Spirits polish as well as Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent on my windshields.

I never use a circular motion when I clean the windshields. I will use up and down motion when I clean them. Any wiping will leave micro scratches in just about anything you put a towel of micro-fiber cloth to be it plastic or painted surface. Circular motion leaves those micro scratches in clear plastic and show up most notably when the sun hits it just right.

My Tulsa shields are all over seven years old and they may have some micro scratches in them but none are objectionable.
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Re: I HATE PolyCarbonate Motorcycle Windshields

Post by newday777 »

I understand. I have astigmatism also.
Back when I started riding wings, I thought, like many do, that a tall windshield was a necessity for weather protection on a wing.
I've had a windshield go instantly opaque one night from a temp/moisture change in a hollow.(had to stand up to see where I was going)
I have cut down windshields so I can see over them and not through them but the best I have found is when I bought a Windbender 2 piece windshield (has a space between the two pieces for airflow deflection), it moves the air flow over my helmet (full face Arai) so I very rarely ride with the windshield up high. You don't need a tall look through windshield to move air around you. Get yourself a Windbender or a Madstad windshield, both are 2 piece.

https://wingstuff.com/products/34255-st ... for-gl1500

https://wingstuff.com/products/34259-hp ... for-gl1500

https://madstad.com/products/honda-gold ... -1988-2000
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Re: I HATE PolyCarbonate Motorcycle Windshields

Post by offcenter »

I LOVE polycarbonate windshields.
They are just about unbreakable. I have had several acrylic windshields shatter over the years, usually when the bike fell over and the windshield hit something on the way down.
And I always cut my windshield down so that I'm just barely looking over the top of it. Polycarbonate is easy to cut. Cutting acrylic is always a heart-in-mouth experience, hoping that it doesn't break while cutting it.

George in Jersey.
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