Fork seals again & again & yet again

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Fork seals again & again & yet again

Post by Motoyogi »

I think I am on my 4th or 5th set of seals on my 1996 in the last 35 thousand miles. Last time they leaked I swapped the forks off my second GL1500

That makes me think it's not a blemish or nick on the tube. I have changed the bushings at least twice and also polished the tubes. They look to be in perfect shape.

I do travel some gravel and busted asphalt roads two up but do my best to avoid potholes and railroad tracks at speed. I feel like I am blowing seals rather excessively. What do you folks think ?

My thought is maybe the springs are just worn out ? One bike has 135K the other 165K

Current game plan is new progressive springs seals and bushings and a fork brace.

Any suggestions on where to buy quality seals and the progressive springs. The prices seem all over the place for the same items just from different vendors.

Looking forward to your questions, comments, concerns and criticisms. :D

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Re: Fork seals again & again & yet again

Post by MikeB »

First, try using a SealMate to clear any debris from around the seal.
Second, if that does not work for you, use OEM seals. I've had poor luck with after market seals. A shop replaced a set on my GL1500 several years ago, they were supposedly the best and would never leak; they leaked in two days. Replaced with OEM seals and Dust Covers and they never leaked again.
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Re: Fork seals again & again & yet again

Post by Rambozo »

I'm with Mike, I bet it's from dirt. I know some have added fork boots because they ride dirt roads and that keeps the seals clean.
Do you always lose a single seal or both?
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