Strange cruise control issue?

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Strange cruise control issue?

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I just got this 96 Aspy. Ever since I got it the cruise light was on, and the button was stuck inward. But the cruise would not come on and set unless you set it. I wasn't all that worried about it. It worked.

I went on a 100 mile test ride today. The cruise functioned properly the first 100 miles there. I stopped for lunch. I had to back out of a parking spot. Reverse worked ok. But when I got back on the highway and went to set the cruise it would not set. And the light was out, but would come on if I pushed the button, which was no longer stuck inward. The button will no longer stay activated.

Is the cruise somehow connected to reverse? And using reverse changed things?

Another possibility is I have all the lower plastic panels off trying to find an antifreeze drip. The left fairing side marker light mounting tab is broke off the front of the light. But I had it screwed in place with just the rear screw. I thought it would be ok. But it ended up blowing out and started dangling by the wire. If I'm not mistaken, isn't the cruise module over on the left side of the engine? Maybe the light hit something? I looked but didn't see anything obvious. I unplugged it and put it in the trunk. Surely it doesn't need to be hooked up for the cruise to work does it? I sure wouldn't think so,,,lol. I also tried reverse several more times and the cruise will not set, and the button will not go in and stay.

Any idea's? Thanks

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Re: Strange cruise control issue?

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You must have hit that stuck switch. Two options, keep fooling with it until it locks in again, take it apart and clean and re-grease it so it works properly. I went with the first option and just always leave it alone now. Same thing with the mute button and hazard switch, since they are the same style of locking buttons.
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