Tulsa swept back windshield

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Tulsa swept back windshield

Post by SirGB »

Hi all,
SirGB here again from Edmonton Canada letting you all know the snow is gone and though the weather is around the 50 degrees I managed to get in my first ride today. I got the double gauge centre console piece from Dennis G installed and looks great plus giving my 97’ gl1500SE a little touch to make it my own. I also installed a Hagon Mono Shock to replace the coil over OEM shock and allowing me to keep the air ride to make adjustments if I ever meet that special lady…lol ! The Hagon was custom built to my weight, gl 1500 and the type of riding I do. The shock was a bit pricy, 654.00 ca dollars but we’ll worth it when combined with the Progressive front suspension.
The reason I’m reaching out is to get some feedback on the Tulsa Swept Back Windshield. I’ve put two Optic Armour windshields on my bike so far, the first was nothing but trouble with the spider web cracks coming from the holes drilled for the vent from factory and it was also 2 inches shorter than I ordered. The replacement took around 7 months to arrive only to find that its 2 inches higher than I ordered…uuugh !
But the clarity and scratch resistance of the Optic Armour is amazing.
I’ve seen the Tulsa windshield on several bikes, including the one on GoldWing Docs YouTube channel and am seriously interested in finding out if it truly does eliminate head buffeting at highway speeds, as well where to order one and if it is manufactured with a polycarbonate material by a manufacturer in the USA that I have not found as of yet on my extensive search.
Any feedback on the performance of the Tulsa windshield and help locating a manufacturer would greatly appreciated. I want to thank all of you that have helped me on my quest to get my 39000 original mile 1997 gl1500 SE to floor room condition as well the one or two custom cosmetic options and not to mention the suspension upgrades for a GoldWing that will last me many many years and give me the riding enjoyment touring both our countries.
All the best,

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Re: Tulsa swept back windshield

Post by blupupher »

I had one on my 1500 when I got it and hated it.
I would hit my head on it getting on and off the bike.
Hate looking through the windshield.
Yes it reduces buffeting, to the point of almost no airflow and get way too hot.

I don't know if the true Tulsa Tall is even made anymore, so used may be the only option. I had mine for sale, but ended up giving it away to the new owner of the bike when I sold it.

I had a Madstad as a replacement for the Tulsa Tall and was very happy with it.
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Re: Tulsa swept back windshield

Post by thebruce »

I had the same experience as blupupher with the tulsa on mine when I bought it.

I cut it down to a reasonable level and the thing still sucked.

I put a 12" dark grey madstad on mine and love it.

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Re: Tulsa swept back windshield

Post by MikeB »

I had a Tulsa Tall windshield on my '99 GL1500 until I sold it in 2004. I currently have one on my '98. It has had a Tulsa on it for the last 18 years. I also had one on my '03 for eight years and now have one my '17 GL1800 for the last four years.

I'm 5' 8" tall and they do stop the buffeting in my case. I don't know how well they would keep the buffeting down if yo are an extremely tall individual.

I can also say that I have never hit my head on the windshield. I think it is more about the rider than the shield when it comes to avoiding contact with the windshield.

Looking through the windshield may not be acceptable to everyone. Keep in mind that keeping the windshield clean is its own reward.

I have tried other windshields and have never been satisfied with them. When I bought the 2017 GL1800 in California in 2019, I rode it home with the OEM windshield. I didn't think much of it until I hit about 100 miles of rain in Oregon. Replacing that OEM shield was the first thing I did when I got home to Washington.

Since the Tulsa is no longer manufactured, you only have a couple of alternatives, buy used or buy a Slipstreamer shield that copied the Tulsa design.

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