Simple n cheap fork spring compressor build

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Simple n cheap fork spring compressor build

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I installed a set of Progressive fork springs but had no spring compression tool so here is what I put together using a puller and a piece of 2x4.

I drilled 3 holes in the 2×4. The center hole was just big enough to fit over the fork end. The 2 holes on the sides were just a bit smaller than the threaded rod diameter.
I threaded the rods through the 2 x 4 and placed a washer and teflon nut on the bottom side of the 2x4. By threading the rods into the 2x4 it made it so the rods are held in place and they dont slide down through the 2x4. You could also use 2 more nuts and washers on the top side of the 2x4 to hold the rods up.

Next I took a piece of 1.5 inch abs pipe about 2" long and made a cut in it lengthwise so it would fit down over the fork. I slid it down to where the fork diameter reduces and put a hose clamp on it and tightened it snug so it couldn't pull up off of the fork.

Then I used a Snap-On puller I have and put it over the rods as shown in the pictures.

The end of the threaded center part of the puller is hollow to allow for different attachments to fit into it.
I used a bolt with an 11/16th inch head with 2 nuts threaded on it and jammed them tight against each other to lock them in place. The bolt threads were just a bit too big to fit up into the puller shaft so i filed the threads down a bit with a flat file. Then i put the bolt with the nuts on it into the shaft of the puller with a washer between the nuts and the shaft.
Next I put the puller down over the threaded rods with the puller shaft screwed all the way into the puller. Then i put a nut and washer on each of the threaded rods and snugged them down so the bolt head fit into the fork cap.

From there it was just a matter of turning the bolts and shaft out a quarter turn each to remove the caps.

For some reason my 93 SE has no schrader valves so the head of the bolt i used fit perfectly into the fork caps.
I turned the bottom nut to remove and install the caps.

When installing the springs I made sure the puller was perfectly straight when the threaded part of the cap was entering the top of the fork so it would screw in without cross threading.

I cracked the fork caps loose about a quater of a turn before loosening the pinch bolts to remove the forks from the bike.

Took a bit of fiddling to get it set up but worked great.

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