Carb's do NOT make my mistakes !!

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Carb's do NOT make my mistakes !!

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Carb's do NOT make my mistakes !!

1. be sure to tighten carb base screws - this affects performance, though I found it affected above 3k rpms.
2. If you have the X on the right side of the frame from the Honda Recall, use the jets, the primary should be 55 ( 50 is too lean )
3. Put the Entire Air Assembly back together, including the little chamber (warm air diverter) that has the damper to allow warm air from exhaust.
- it needs to know there is warm air going to carbs so I can adjust !! ..
4. use the original slider needles as well.. should be alum or chrome not brass.
5. be careful removing the carb rubber blanket if you do.. only reason is to check vac lines under it.. do it carefully it will rip.

I forgot to put the warm air diverter on and connect or block the vac line.. and it was flooding the carb once the engine got to Operating Temp !!

When I first rebuilt the carb, knowing the plugs were a bit black, I wanted to lean out the engine and well It didn't work out.
I went to the 50's included and used the smaller secondary's also included and it did not run well, even after tightening the Carb base.

I thought it was due to the Accelerator Pump maybe not working .. crappy O-rings on the tube, poor seal but not leaking and maybe somewhat plugged pump.
Well.. it was working sufficiently I think when I took the top of the air box off, but I cleaned the accelerator pump anyway, I had an extra o-ring at the base of the tube, that works fine
because the tube bottom doesn't seal except metal to metal, but with proper seals on the tube it fits good... I used a tooth brush to clean the ends of the sprayers and sprayed a bunch of carb clean in the top plate Accelerator Pump Jets and all is better, I also used an old tube Oring where the accelerator pump mounts to the carb fits good, though maybe a tiny bit thick.. definitely better than the old dried compressed oring that was there.

She runs incredible now, I'm sure the off idle stumbles are due to poor accelerator pump performance.. always was on old carb'd cars !!

Hopefully I dont have to

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