Strange Pedal Brake Issue

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Strange Pedal Brake Issue

Post by zeoran »

I have a 99 Gl1500 Aspencade. It's been running fine and recently had the brakes worked on. (pads changed, bled, etc) On two ocassions now, when riding at high speed (greater than 45mph but less than 65mph) I hit a large bump in the road and then suddenly after that, my pedal brakes go full to the floor with no bite. I wind up limping home with just downshifting and the front handle brake. The first time it happened, after a few days, the brakes were running fine. Then I hit another bump two days ago and instantly the pedal went full to the floor with no bite in the front/rear brake whatsoever. The fluid level in the cylinder is fine, same level as previously.

Any ideas???

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Re: Strange Pedal Brake Issue

Post by Rambozo »

Sounds like time to go back to whoever did the brakes.
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Re: Strange Pedal Brake Issue

Post by DarthJ »

Wondering if there's air in the system somewhere.
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Re: Strange Pedal Brake Issue

Post by Sidcar »

Are your wheel bearings ok, no sideplay if you rock the wheels top and bottom? Is one of the callipers loose? Does the pedal pump up back to normal?


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