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Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Air Filter

Post by mlkmn89 »

I am looking to replace the air filter in my 96 GL1500SE. I wish to stay as inexpensive as I can. What brand do you suggest? I know Honda filter runs around 50 bucks but I'd like to maybe go with an aftermarket brand.

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Re: Air Filter

Post by Rambozo »

As infrequently as it needs changing, the $40 for the OEM is worth it. You can find more than one topic here about how some aftermarket filter didn't really fit.
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Re: Air Filter

Post by FM-USA »

Replaced mine and attempted to make a FILTER PACK to drop in the filters wire cage.
Had thoughts of selling it, not gonna happen, edge sealing is near impossible. Designers were dastardly shrewd.

Curious if anyone has tried an insert in the air intakes opening? In essence a pre-filter to help the main filter last longer.
Quick thought, a cotton sock hanging inside the intake horn? EZ to change, washable & best of all near $0.00 😉

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Re: Air Filter

Post by Limpy45 »

DON'T get the Caltric filter! Looks the same until you try to make it fit! Just does NOT fit and if you do get it and find out it does not fit, might as well just throw it away as by time you get done with hassles of returning it, you don't get all your money back, only about $6.00 back after shipping etc.
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Re: Air Filter

Post by retiredrecluse »

Not ALL aftermarket products fit as expected, the air filter being one item comes to mind. The seals and ribbing areas may not align and seat properly thus not allowing the top lid and screws to fit correctly and completely. For the few extra bucks, an OEM is highly recommended and will alleviate the stress and frustration of having to return one which does not fit properly. Some great deals can be found on “EBay” along with fuel filter and other parts for our old GL1500’s which I particularly love and prefer.
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Re: Air Filter

Post by MikeB »

As stated, the Caltric filters do not fit properly. There are options but they are all about the same price as OEM.

Show Chrome has a filter that fits and works as does EMGO.

You can get a Show Chrome from Cyclemax of Ohio for a little over $32. The OEM is a little over $40 as is the EMGO. The days of $25 air filters are gone.

There is a Filter Kit deal from Cyclemax that looks pretty good for $69.99. It includes a Show Chrome Air Filter, OEM Oil Filter, Emgo Fuel Filter, Four NGK Spark Plugs, and an oil filter wrench. ... ilter-1500
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Re: Air Filter

Post by joeincalif »

You're doing the labor, and that's not easy, don't skimp on the product and have to re do it sooner.
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Re: Air Filter

Post by minimac »

The Cyclemax kit is a good deal-you'll have access to everything when changing the air filter anyways, spend a few more dollars and replace all of the parts and eliminate possible issues down the road!
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Re: Air Filter

Post by canter1200 »

Cannot agree more. I got the Amazon "deal" on a Caltric and it does not and will not fit. Going to be doing the job again with a proper filter soon.

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