Exhaust chamber questions

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Exhaust chamber questions

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Argg!! I went to take my mufflers loose the install a Bushtec trailer hitch. When I took the rear bolt out the muffler fell off. Both sides even.

I'm scared to death to tare into this thing. I'm worried about the header crumbling. Or worse yet breaking a bolt off in the head. Has anyone had that happen?

I'm going back with a oem chamber since I'm installing a sidecar for my dog. I don't want to blast him with loud exhaust. Which I don't like either,,,lol. So I'll be looking for a stock unit on ebay I guess. Unless someone has one to part with?

BTW. Is there anything inside the oem chamber? I seen someone referring to them as an cat?

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Re: Exhaust chamber questions

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The 'Exhaust Collector' is the muffler. It's got a couple chambers to deflect & cancel the sound pulses. It's also lined with a perforated mesh to thwart the case from acting like a speaker.
'IF' you could attach those old Cherry Bomb mufflers you'd also add a couple 'fender washer' type baffles like the old 1970's 350 TT Pipes. More washers spaced apart more silence. Works like a gun silencer.
Then on the 2 Chrome Resonators adding a stainless steel lint trap inside the tips, you would almost obtain the OEM sound... almost. It would definitely be a softer rumble than those Hardly Disable'son bikes. ;)

Hope that helps, tho I don't think that info what you're looking for.

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