Well it finally happened

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Well it finally happened

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I don't normally post a lot on the forum but thought I would share this and find out if other members are running into the same situation. I rode the bikes to the local Honda dealer last week to get my State Inspections done, and while I was there I spoke to the service manager about getting the rear brakes done on the 94 Goldwing. He told me that they have a new policy and that they no longer work on bikes over 20 years old. :o He said the main reason was it's getting harder and harder to find parts for them. He said they'll still do basic service like oil changes and tune-ups etc., but he's already booked until mid July. I was a little shocked :shock: because I've been taking my bikes to them for over 20 years and they are the best in my area. The service manager did offer to give me the name of a mechanic in Keene, New Hampshire (30 miles away), that still works on the older Goldwing's and Valkyries. I guess that leaves me only 2 choices, try to do the work myself or sell the older bikes and buy newer ones. More to come if I choose the former.

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Re: Well it finally happened

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WOOOooooohhhh, I HATE those kinds of dealers, such a Back-Stab.
You dedicatedly spend all that moolah & they give you the brush-off.
I never did that to my customers, even AFTER retiring. They were good to me, I return that favor.

When I do one thing, I'll sidestep a little & learn many things.
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