Just installed LED lights.

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Just installed LED lights.

Post by PowerSlave »

I just installed the Pathfinder LED headlights, man what a difference!! I do have one question for anyone else that has done so, have you noticed an increase in birds swooping towards your bike? Its feels like tome to me that I went from almost 0 birds ever coming close to hitting the fairing/windscreen to at least 1 each morning from when I installed them. Now this only happens around dusk 5am-6am EST. Has this happened to anyone else or am I just seeing things?

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Re: Just installed LED lights.

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I installed the Pathfinders this spring. More for cutting down the load on the alternator than night riding as I installed grip warmers.
Haven't ridden much at dusk cause the highways here come alive with animals but haven't noticed any swoops by birds.
Great headlights though! Thanks for the promotion of them Wingadmin!
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