Trunk Trouble

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Trunk Trouble

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Hi Y'all.

I have a 1993 GL1500 Interstate Model. Did an Saddle-Sore challenge the other day; and midway through the ride, when we stopped for gas, I tried to get into my trunk and it would NOT open. The lock was unlocked, and the trunk had opened just fine earlier in the trip. Tried and tried to no avail.

Waited to get home and popped the trunk using a method found on this site and that worked perfectly...was able to get in and get what I needed out of the trunk thankfully.

However, when I took the mechanism apart, it was NOT what I thought was wrong - the lever bar L-shaped plastic piece did NOT come off the trunk release bar. NO! That was NOT it!

What it was is the little plastic gromet (for lack of a better term!) that holds the trunk release lever from the outside handle, up the rod and then connects to the lever that has the L-shaped plastic piece that pulls on the bar -- that little gromet BROKE! It appears that it is a plastic piece that expands as it goes through the hole and then is basically held in place by tension, allowing the movement of the rods and whatnot to occur without an issue. The problem is mine wore away to the point of breaking, and I am wondering if there is a replacement part out there, OR if not -- recommendations on how to repair/replace.

For now, I do have the backup plan in place using zip ties to be able to open the trunk without using the lever, but I'd really rather not have to do that. Would like the bike and trunk to operate as it should.

Any suggestions??? ... frdHWcYtX4 ... aENxFlopjN

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Re: Trunk Trouble

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Circled in pix? If not find a pix & post
You might find the cables on Ebay with those cable holder(s).
If not, piece of nylon rod (or similar like melted milk jug) and grind & file one.
Maybe a hardware rubber grommet would work, tho I don't know the hole shape it goes onto.
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Re: Trunk Trouble

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If you are talking about the nylon clip that locks the rod in the latch, try your local auto parts store. Auto Zone has what they call the HELP section that has replacement clips, and a lot of all kinds of replacement small parts.
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