Trim Restoration

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Trim Restoration

Post by mraidanlove »

Everyone says to use a heat gun and whatever is their favorite product to restore black plastic trim. Well, I did that on the black plastic on my '98 1500SE. It looked absolutely stunning until about a week later... Not only had the plastic faded back to its original state (or worse), but it had also started developing a ton of small cracks all across my dash (the part that covers the speakers and is around the cluster). I later was told that those products and the heat gun work by pulling the dye in the ABS to the surface, drying out the inside plastic, leading to the cracks. Not sure if that's true or not...

I'm not sure what to do. The plastic parts are not available new and are expensive used; plus, I'm okay to take on a challenge.

I can make an ABS slurry to fix these cracks and all, but how to I prevent future cracking and drying out? Is there a way to re-moisturize the whole of the plastic? Can I re-dye it black?

I look forward to y'all's thoughts.

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Re: Trim Restoration

Post by Charlie1Horse »

I would watch ebay and be patient. Soon you sill find one for a price you can handle and in good shape. That's how I find parts for my 92 Interstate. Sometimes it takes a while to find one that I can afford but, I can live with that. There are a couple on now but the shipping from Canada is too much.
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Re: Trim Restoration

Post by FM-USA »

I agree with Russell, Ebay is your best bet getting one in reasonable condition.
I've been reading about recoloring Wing plastics & what's available appears to be good stuff... finally.
The part's on my 91 Wing are aging & shrinking. Weak areas cracking from said shrinkage. Plastic welding gun with stiff wire embedded works wonders. Other areas that's vulnerable I'll backup with epoxy, of course with embedded support. Some will say epoxies won't adhere well, surface prep is the key... figuratively.
It seems to get obsolete parts some went the way of 3-D printing.

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