GL1500 Key/key decor

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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GL1500 Key/key decor

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Hi guys!

My brothers GL1500 only came with one key. One of the original keys but after 30 years the Goldwing Special logo squares fell out. I have searched and cant find anyone who makes the same style key to get him two new keys. Inalso have looked to see if anyone sells the decorative key squares and havent found any luck either. I ordered a set of keys from CMSNL online and unfortunately the GL1500 key is superceded by the keys that only have the embossed Honda powersports wing.
I also ordered the type 2 key for non U.S. countries so i cant use them.

I guess I am curious if anyone has come across any embossed GL1500 logo stickers for the keys anywhere to get GL1500 logo keys.

Its dumb but its important to me, because the first time I rode a motorcycle, my Grandfathers 08 GL1800, the Gl1800 has the special Goldwing logo keys and I was like wow this bike is amazing and special and that led me buying my own Goldwing. I want my brother who hasnt yet laid physical eyes on his GL1500 to have "This bike is really special, even down to the keys" feeling.

I also want him seeing it for rhe first time to be extra amazing because when he bought via me going to see it for him, on the ride home from the purchase a deer jumped onto the bike and bike was dragged to the ground and went into a ditch, luckily i wore full gear. And even luckier after multiple examinations and rides that this GL1500 survived with mere cosmetic damage.
He just got back from a deployment and has ordered to be stationed right be my by the end of the year. I have been working to fix her up and get her pretty again for him.

Long post. I appologize

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Re: GL1500 Key/key decor

Post by Rambozo »

You can sometimes find NOS keys on ebay. There are two flavors of keys. A, B, C, D. As I recall A and B are the same while C and D are offset the other direction. (or was it A and C or B and D?) You can find out which you need as the code is stamped on the bottom of each lock. A letter followed by 2 numbers. New keys from Honda are just black generic tops now. There were also special GoldWing Canadian keys with a maple leaf logo. I think all the various anniversary models had special keys, too.
You might also check with a good locksmith as there were some nice aftermarket keys made back in the day. Now they only seem to be available for 1800s.
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