In search of a Starter button cluster

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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In search of a Starter button cluster

Post by trkr75 »

Good morning, I just got my wing into my garage and am doing a complete service. I haven't rode it in a few years (long story) but now it wont start. Carbs are gummed up I am sure as it ran fine when I parked it before we moved. The starter button had been giving me issues for awhile so while I am cleaning everything and have everything apart I figured I will go ahead and replace it. Problem is I can't seem to find one anywhere. It is for a 2000 GL1500 Se. Does anyone happen to have a source or a P/N for this part?


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Re: In search of a Starter button cluster

Post by Rambozo »

Part number is 35020-MAM-A70
New ones are getting hard to find.
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Re: In search of a Starter button cluster

Post by csj »

Yeah, you gotta replace the whole right hand assembly. Lucky it is still possible to find one/some.

Our '99 GW trike has a pooched starter button, though I can still start it.
I'd like to just go in there and fix it. It's really tough to get in there.
When I get all the huge list of things done on the valkyrie,
then I'll give that GW starter button another try.

Good info on the cluster, thanks.
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Re: In search of a Starter button cluster

Post by Riley1841 » ... 1723301586

Just ordered one of these, in my case it is the cruise button going bad. Tried the cleaning posted here works for a ride or two then gets stuck again, Tried lubing it with dry graphite same results. followed above like and ordered will post follow once it gets here.

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