Cold start issue

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David Fang
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Cold start issue

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Okay I'm an interesting little problem here over the last couple months I've noticed that when I crank the bike first time in the morning every now and then he'll run for a minute or two then die when it dies if you don't have some starting fluid or something she will not crank up for a couple more hours. Well this morning did the same thing to me I use starting fluid normally one little squirts all it takes cranked her up she ran for all the 20 seconds and died again since then I went through a can of starting fluid Plus trying to get her to run. Now the bike will crank will run it maybe 200 RPM for a minute or two and then die. Any idea what could be going on guys cuz I'm at a loss

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Re: Cold start issue

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Old or mis-gapped spark plugs?
Poor quality fuel? (PM me if this is the case), I have a no wrench mechanics trick.
As the carb boots age they shrink & produce a vac leak. Tighten the 4 screws. LONG Philips screw driver needed.

But it sounds like the proverbial vac hose(s) 'has a hole in it dear Lisa, dear Lisa'.
I had this hard start issue also.

The usual vac line culprits are under the mat, left carb, lowest 2 hoses.
1 in front, 3/8"
1 in rear, 1/4"

If you do remove the carbs, PM me & I'll info you where you get that mat.
Remove the 3/8" hose, MUCH easier to work the next step.
It's near impossible to find a 3/8" x 90 degree hose but I fixed the front with a copper tube.
Pre-bend it a 90 degree then cut to 1/4" or 3/8" beyond each bend.
Used nut buster spray in the hose & pipe, it'll slipped right in. No glue needed.

The rear hose, best to replace it. Parts stores have 5/16 black vac hose. Run a longer piece so not to collapse in the turn.
Both are easily gotten to by removing the carbs.
OR get 2 LONG needle nose pliers at Harbor Freight. 1 straight the other the end is bent at 90 degrees.
You'll feel like a brain surgeon when finished.

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