1500 SE Suspension Replacement

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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1500 SE Suspension Replacement

Post by ncdave »

so....I've done some searches on here. some useful information, but somewhat outdated. I'm finding the manufacturers are not making suspension components for 1500s as they are the 1800s.

I want to completely upgrade my suspension front and rear. After 23 years, my 2000 model is way past due. I plan to do complete bearing replacements in addition to the suspension in the hopes of making the ride "like new" on the old girl.

for front suspension, the only thing I'm seeing available is progressive springs. I had hoped to find some cartridge inserts or something a bit more advanced than just replacing the springs. The only other option I found appears to be Traxxion Dynamics which is about 1500 bucks. While I love the bike, that's not viable. I was hoping to find solutions within a 500 dollar range for each.

On the back, I thought I found something, but turns out it's only for the 1800. Other than that, much of what I'm finding is just basic shocks. I've installed progressive rear shocks on other bikes and like them a lot, but the GW is a big beast and I want to be sure whatever solution I find is really up to the task.

So...does anyone have ideas, suggestions, recommendations to point me in the right direction?


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Re: 1500 SE Suspension Replacement

Post by Rambozo »

Those are the two main players. There is also Race Tech that has springs and Gold Valve cartridge emulators that work pretty good on the 1500. They also did custom rear shocks at one time. Hagon will also do custom shocks. For both of these you need to weigh the rear and provide some geometry dimensions.
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Re: 1500 SE Suspension Replacement

Post by usedtobefast »

Seems the stock air pressure rear shock is nice if you change the load often. Like rider only, lightly packed ... or rider only, heavily loaded bags ... or two up, etc.

If you buy 2 new rear shocks, I assume you just sort out the most normal load for getting the spring rates correct?

And RaceTech does seem to have some options for the front ... I was just looking up stuff for my 1994, link here: https://racetech.com/ProductSearch/12/H ... 0Wing/1994
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Re: 1500 SE Suspension Replacement

Post by Bonnie and Clyde »

These look decent and appear well made. Cheap enough to try even.

https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BVB ... FHB9R&th=1
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Re: 1500 SE Suspension Replacement

Post by Limpy45 »

I feel that I lucked out several years ago and found a slightly used set of Progressive 416 air shocks on one of the forums. They were considered a great upgrade to the oem suspension way back when 1500's were king! I did have to rebuild them with new seals about 2 winters ago, but that is a easy task I believe. According to another post some of the HD shocks will interchange quite nicely on our Wings. They look to be identical to Progressive and are also air. HD shops just toss them and replace with new. In fact when I asked our local HD shop parts guy if rebuild kits were available he is the one that told me about just tossing them. He did not even suggest rebuilding them. I for one would like to take one down just to see if they use the same seals.

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