Sigh, Update: Rebuilding Crashed 2000 Trike

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Sigh, Update: Rebuilding Crashed 2000 Trike

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I have a starter that engages, but no power to the coils. No power (white, blue wire) going to reverse module, no reverse indicator on dash when reverse is engaged. The reverse switch was replaced with a new one and I have now a neutral light. I also have a cruise control indicator light, BUT NOT without the "cruise set" being on....? I'm thinking maybe the cruise set button sticking? Haven't taken the controls apart to try to clean the switches, but keep in mind, RUNNING BIKE prior to new harness from alleged running bike.

Remember, this was a running machine prior to replacing the main wiring harness. This was replaced because I had gremlins from where the harness was pinched left-side fairing and gauge cluster, also replaced, and was running. The harness was replaced pigtail by pigtail, a section at a time by yours truly so not to miss anything. But YES, I have a couple of unknown, unidentified couplers in line. I probably missed somethin.

So.... screw it. Never having a 1500 Wing before this and the complexities of this harness with ALL those pesky safety shut-downs, tomorrow I'm buying a pretty nice 97 with only 33K to use as a physical templet. I will trace piece by piece, bit by bit to isolate the issue.

Wife thinks I'm just using the excuse to by another bike. She might be right, but don't let her know that, I'll never hear the end. We have (including the Wing) THREE trikes (one's hers) and two 2-wheelers. I'll sell the newly acquired Goldwing 2 wheeler after I sort out the Trike. It's a nice bike, so I'll probably ride it around a bit first. I like bikes.

Ride safe. I'll keep you posted. Harry

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