'98 GL1500SE reverse issue/question

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'98 GL1500SE reverse issue/question

Post by Bigdogoo1 »

Hello all, have a confusing issue with my wing. I had the reverse begin to intermittently fail to work. Reverse would engage at the press of the start/reverse switch and after a second or two, it would stop moving. I would release the switch and repress it and it would repeat each time I pressed it. Trying to diagnose the issue, we went through all the steps in the manual and from online posts to no change. Everything from pulling relays to confirm operation to cable alignment/adjustment and anything between, to no change.
My son told me today that the only that he could get it to reverse was to "hold the start/reverse switch down and then slowly move the reverse lever forward". Need less to say, I did not buy into it, but he was absolutely correct. If I move the lever forward from lock position approximately 30deg, the "R" indicator goes out and the "N" comes on and I hear a relay click and the bike starts moving back. We tried adjusting the cables and was unable to accomplish anything that would be acceptable.(the lever would not lock in the normal position)
I am out of ideas at this point and would appreciate any advise to make it operate as designed.

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Re: '98 GL1500SE reverse issue/question

Post by Rambozo »

Sounds like the over current or over speed safeties is false tripping, or one of the multitude of switches is not adjusted properly. As I recall there is a good calibration procedure in the Honda Electrical Troubleshooting Guide. I know there are a group of relays and a resistor pack that control the current and speed. Some hidden fuses, too, but I think you lose everything if they are blown. Check the speed limiter fuse under the seat, too.

Of course, I'll take the easy way out and just blame it on too many wheels. :lol:
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Re: '98 GL1500SE reverse issue/question

Post by ct1500 »

The reverse lever has to be all the way up or down. When you move it to an in between position the switch is going back into the neutral regular start position while the reverse gear is still slightly engaged. A bad practice as you are applying full starter power to the barely engaged reverse gear. I am sure you could duplicate that scenario on properly working machines which I would not attempt.
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Re: '98 GL1500SE reverse issue/question

Post by Jmicester24 »

I had a similar issue. As it turned out, my battery was at the end of its life. Once I replaced the battery, the reverse worked as It should.

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