Idle Surge

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Idle Surge

Post by john.amato1 »

Good evening

I have a 1994 GL1500SE. What causes an idle surge when in neutral?
Is it easy to fix?


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Re: Idle Surge

Post by ct1500 »

The most likely culprit are plugged idle jets but like everything needs to be diagnosed to a component(s). Not exactly a job for the novice with the diagnosis involved and successful repair with idle mixture adjustments that need to be done afterwards. Has the machine has been setting unused for a period of time?
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Re: Idle Surge

Post by Nlmman47 »

i had the same problem with mine. and yes you can have rebuilt or do it yourself which would be the proper way. but i did this and it fixes the surge. they left over ports from factory i believe that hasd some sort of caps on it. but this works. just be careful not to let anything fall into the carbs. and make sure they are in there good. i ran mine like this for a long time.
this is the youtube link

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Re: Idle Surge

Post by blupupher »

Toothpick repair is a temporary coverup of the real problem.

It is probably a vacuum leak somewhere in the the miles of lines in the intake system.

I did the toothpick repair and it worked for about 18 months, but started coming back. I had actually bought all the replacement tubing for my bike, but got rid of the bike before I fixed it.
Still have the rolls of tubing.
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Re: Idle Surge

Post by RockportDave »

Check the No. 1 (orange tape on it) vacuum hose. It will usually get a hole in it at the factory bend.

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