Headlights for '95 Gl1500SE

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Headlights for '95 Gl1500SE

Post by Britwanders »

Hello all,

My bright bulb has burned out and I obviously need to replace it. Neither Google nor Bing is giving me intelligible answers about what to replace the bulbs with, so I thought I would turn to you all for answers. I want the brightest lights the bike will comfortably handle. Would anyone direct to the part numbers of their favorite bulbs and where I might be able to find them, if they're unusual? Additionally, My headlight case/frame/housing (or whatever the main headlight glass bit is called) got hit with a rock and a piece shattered on the inside. I put a drop of liquid electrical tape on it to keep water from entering, but sooner or later, I will have to replace it. Covid destroyed my income, which was never much and it still hasn't recovered, so I'm wondering if anyone has a spare one laying around gathering dust that they wouldn't mind parting with for little or nothing? Your generosity will be paid forward in the form of free balloon animals given to a bunch of kids. (I'll give them away regardless, but they'll be intended in your honor.) Any help appreciated. Presently in North Las Vegas, soon to travel south to Yuma.

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Re: Headlights for '95 Gl1500SE

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Can you post a close up pictures that headlight damage that are clear & from different angles?
Need to see the cracks.
I've fixed a few so MIGHT have an inexpensive fix.

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Re: Headlights for '95 Gl1500SE

Post by Andy Cote »

I do not have a GL1500 headlight sitting around. Sorry. IIRC, the earlier glass and later plastic assemblies are fully interchangeable. There are two bulbs and they both have low and high beam filament. It's common they both will fail at almost the same time so you probably should replace them both and keep the good one wrapped up in the trunk.

There are some changes that took place thru the years and a 30 year old bike has certainly had a few hands in the pie as well. That said, it's possible your bike will be readily able to use off the shelf H4 or 9004 bulbs. They can be found at any auto parts store or even places like WalMart. It's also possible that you may need an adapter for these bulbs. Most good motorcycle suppliers (and all Goldwing stores) will have these adapter rings.

The H4 bulbs are fairly inexpensive. You can upgrade to brighter Halogen bulbs such as Sylvania Silverstar Ultra. Great upgrade but more expensive and shorter life. Save the receipt as you may not get a year from them.

If you can afford it, the Pathfinder LED kits offered by SoCalMotoGear are fantastic.

There are also two little wedge base bulbs along side the primary headlight bulbs. Easy to change while you are there and there are LED upgrades for these as well.
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