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Height of 88 GL1500

Posted: Sat Jul 02, 2011 2:32 pm
by tannenba

I'm on my third GL1500. My original one was an ok height for me. I bought an 1993 SE and found the SE's are 40mm higher till 1995.

I just bought another '88. The plastic is in great shape. I replaced the rear shocks with Progressive air shocks which are the same height as OEM. When back together, on rides the front was way to stiff so opened forks and found a spring within a spring which were super stiff and beat the steering head bearings. I put new stock springs in and new steering head bearings in. The bike rides much better, but still seems to be and inch or too too high. It has a side stand extension on it, and if I take it off, the bike really leans, so it must be higher than stock. Don't want to slide the forks up thru the tree if I can help it.

Any ideas welcome. I would think stock setup should give me stock height.