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Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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gl 1500K

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Hello fellow Goldwingers,

I purchased my 1989 Goldwing 1500 a few months ago. Recently as I was looking over my bike and cleaning it, I found some interesting information on the back of the fuel filler door I was able to figure out the color codes, but what does the "K" stand for in gl 1500K? I had not seen that before.

Thank you for the information.


PS - I've fixed several things on my bike so far, and it's presently running really well. Things that I've fixed/maintained are as follows:
New Timing Belts, New Shifter shaft seal and shift brace, LED headlights, Running light bults, fuel filter, air filter, oil changes, windshield vent, coolant flush/change, and new lower water hose that was leaking . Love this bike!

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