94 1500 Interstate Issues

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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94 1500 Interstate Issues

Post by Pittburgman »

Recently got a 94 Interstate. Managed to get it all running, but it does seem to have a issue with a few things... Perhaps someone on here has run into the issue...(Hopefully)

Upon starting the bike, I have the following items not working...

Fuel and temp gauge, All parking lights, Cluster lights, Oil light, Side stand light, neutral light.

The following all seem to work...

Headlights, horn, turn signals, brake lights, and tachometer. Engine runs perfect as well.

I'm thinking ground somewhere, but not sure where. I am new to the Goldwing and looking to learn.



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Re: 94 1500 Interstate Issues

Post by Rambozo »

If you don't have the right year factory service manual, get one. Interstates are not as common, so there is a lot less info out there for them. Once you have the wiring diagram, it should be pretty easy to trace out your problems. Since some of those items share the same ground, I doubt that's your problem. It sounds like everything not working is confined to the dash? If so, I would look at the dash connectors.
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Re: 94 1500 Interstate Issues

Post by Refrigerator »

Had a similar issue on a long road trip, I accessed the relay box on the left side of the bike under the seat and cleaned all relays and swapped one (I believe relay #3 or #7) and it fixed the issue. Its been 4 months and the issue hasn't returned so I'm guessing that was the culprit. Hope this helps
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