Throttle push/pull cable question

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Throttle push/pull cable question

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Hi. I hope this has not been covered already. I’m new here. I need some clarification on the actual name of some cables my bike needs. As I describe these cables, one is an accelerator or throttle cable and the other one releases the throttle. However, I’m not sure what the release cable would be called. From what I’ve read, there seems to be a set of cables called the throttle push/pull cables. Are they what I need? I’m new working on a bike. A car is what I’m used to; however, I’m figuring my bike out slowly but surely. I appreciate any advice given.

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Re: Throttle push/pull cable question

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They are all throttle cables. You will find a bunch of names. Honda calls one Cable A, Throttle and the second Cable, Handthrottle, and the third Cable, Carburetorthrottle. Not sure what happened to Cable B. Best thing is to use Honda part numbers, that way there is less confusion. 17910-MT8-004 17920-MT8-004 17930-MT8-004

A lot of folks call them push/pull cables, but they both pull, one pulls open the other pulls closed. This design cable can't push. The good news is all of them are still available from Honda, so get now, while the getting is good.
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