Thermostat removel

Information and questions on GL1500 Goldwings (1988-2000)
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Thermostat removel

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Where can I find this on the 97 goldwing do I need to remove the radiators? any help much appreciated,

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Re: Thermostat removel

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I've never removed either radiator, can't help there. Thermostat is on the block nearly centered just in front of the carbs & behind the radiators.
But... IF you're energetic, remove the Carbs. Once I did the 2nd time was a breeze.
Reason being, you'd be able to check the Vac lines near & under the carbs including under the matt. Said matt should be rather brittle & tears easily.
Then getting to the thermostat is easy-peesy and you can check other parts that might need addressing.
About 100,000 miles ago I had an antifreeze leak on my right shoe. Found the thermostat pipe to right head O-Ring was never seated right from the factory, changed the other side as well. Total O-Rings: 4.
I didn't need intake gaskets, they removed intact. I did Permatex #2 "dabbed", not smeared, on both sides of that gasket and sealed just fine & still does 100k miles later.

I got a bonus tool out of that repair, someone's 10mm combo wrench and found my 10 mm short socket I dropped years earlier. ;)

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