Radio turns on mute when hitting bumps

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Radio turns on mute when hitting bumps

Post by Codyadams »

So as stated, my 1989 gl1500 factory radio will turn the mute on when hitting bumps pretty often. Sometimes (or often times), I can fix it by quickly flicking the front brake, and it will turn mute off, but this also turns off my cruise control, so I annoyingly have to reset it, then I hit another bump, and it happens again. Or, when I hit the right bump again, the mute will turn off.

So guys, what is the fix for this? Seems like a loose connection/ground or something to me, just not sure where to start looking.

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Re: Radio turns on mute when hitting bumps

Post by Rambozo »

Start at the switch pod and work your way to the radio. Or go the other way. It's up to you.
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Re: Radio turns on mute when hitting bumps

Post by Nlmman47 »

i had similar issues with the mute on the radio. its a grounding issue. from the control on right side handle bars. i found this on you tube and did it works great now.
viewtopic.php?f=14&t=71741. see if you can do this i posted this a little while ago.
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Re: Radio turns on mute when hitting bumps

Post by paseandoconhonda »

I have a similar problem, but I can't decide to take it apart. I simply put my fingers under the handlebar and touch the cables on the radio connection tab a little and it solves the problem. It is a cable that is annoying, you can check it if you remove the left plastic that is on the side of the handlebars, move the rubber that covers the radio connections and touch there. In my case it is not that it turns off, but that it turns on MUTE by itself.

At night and at 100 it is not noticeable.
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